Design an Ideal Learning Environment

In addition to focusing on who we educate and how we guide their educational pursuits into the future, we must ensure a supportive environment that is both consistent with our values and conducive to the outcomes we hope to achieve.

To become a leading academic health sciences center, we must improve our future learning environment by providing the educational and technological resources and infrastructure necessary for contemporary learning and by developing a culture that is permeated by lifelong learning, kindness and professionalism demonstrated in both actions and words, and transparency surrounding all interactions. Our faculty must consistently model and practice the highest levels of professionalism and we must abide by the highest standards of quality in an environment of continual quality improvement.

We seek to establish an enterprise-wide educational framework that unifies our diverse schools and educational programs and promotes excellence, innovation, and collaboration across their continuum. Speaking with one voice and working together in areas of shared need and common interest, we propose the integration of infrastructure across the educational enterprise as the foundational initiative upon which we can build our strategic efforts.



Our priorities for improving the learning environment are to:

  • maintain and enhance a learning culture with core values that ensure respect for individuals, the importance of diversity, and modeling of professional standards of conduct in all teacher-learner interactions;
  • create an integrated infrastructure across the UMMS educational enterprise to support the integrated missions of the UMMS educational programs (three schools) by providing critical infrastructure and guidance to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, enabling all schools and programs to act in concert, and enhancing opportunities for interprofessional development and collaboration. We must include two major spheres of activity: educational affairs and common student services;
  • provide an educational home—including the space, amenities, technology, communications infrastructure, and values—to ensure optimal teaching, learning, and well-being for our learners, both on the UMMS campus and in off-campus training sites; and
  • expand and enhance educational partnerships/affiliations to support the growth of our educational programs and ensure optimal choice, quality, diversity, and "best fit" for our learners in their educational and research experiences. Consider:
    1. clinical affiliations within UMass Memorial and its member hospitals;
    2. affiliations with UMMS programs and initiatives including Commonwealth Medicine, the Life Sciences Initiative, and the Clinical and Translational Science Award;
    3. affiliations with other University of Massachusetts campuses;
    4. international educational affiliations; and
    5. affiliations with K-16 partners for pipeline initiatives.

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